Kid Friendly Tablets

Tablets have become a part of our culture since a large percentage of American families own at least one. However, what often occurs when parents buy a tablet for themselves is their kids end up hoarding the newly acquired tablet. Parents who desire their tablet back then peruse the market for the very best kid friendly tablets, which are as follows:

Vtech InnoTab


This tablet, which is also called the learning app tablet, is tailored to kids and is geared towards learning games. The 5-inch screen surrounded by kid-friendly accouterments makes for an easy-to-operate tablet for all children. There are various apps available that include learning games and interactive e-books.

LeapPad by LeapFrog


This interactive kid’s tablet comes complete with a 5-inch screen and a stylus. Of course, kids can also use their fingers to operate the tablet. There are hundreds of apps, interactive books and games available for this learning tablet. Moreover, this tablet features its own camera, meaning kids can become photographers and capture their world through video or still shots. LeapFrog made this tablet to durable and it truly withstands the wear-and-tear of a child.



Nabi bridges the gap between LeapPad and high-end tablets. This android tablet is Netflix ready and boasts a 7-inch 1080p screen for viewing. Kids can browse the web, play mobile games and read books with the Nabi. The device contains parental controls to keep kids safe but has a mommy mode for adult use making the Nabi the perfect tablet for kids of all ages.

Kindle Fire



Although not designed exclusively for kids, Amazon’s Kindle Fire offers a host of options for younger users. For example, one thousand children’s titles, which are beautifully illustrated, are available for download on the Kindle Fire. The device’s 7-inch screen provides the perfect reading opportunity for kid owners. In addition to reading, kids can also procure a vast array of popular games and apps. The newest edition of the Kindle Fire, which is the Kindle Fire HD, offers even better graphics and is surprisingly affordable.

Nook Tablet by Barnes & Noble


The Nook is the perfect tablet for the young reader. It has many interactive books designed exclusively for the Nook. Moreover, the tablet’s Read To Me feature allows parents to record themselves reading. Kids can then play back their parent’s recorded book anytime they desire. In addition to worded books, Nook also has thousands of picture books available, which are perfect for the younger child.



This 7-inch Android-powered tablet is built to endure the wear-and-tear brought on by a child’s use. Its exterior is protected by PlayCover, which is a silicone case that protects the tablet from damage acquired when dropped, scratches and water damage. For kids that are especially hard on toys, the PlayBase is the perfect tablet.

Xoom Family Edition


The Xoom Family Edition tablet is nearly identical to the original Xoom but offers a few additional features. The newest edition of the Xoom comes complete with $40 worth of kid’s apps built-in, a 10-inch screen and parental locking features. Although the size of this tablet can become a bit overwhelming for a small child, the Xoom Family Edition is the perfect tablet for the whole family.



This tablet sold by Toys “R” Us comes with 50 free pre-installed apps and parental controls. Moreover, it has access to over 6,000 free educational programs, books and games in the Tabeo App Store. The Tabeo also comes with two cameras and has WiFi access. This tablet is designed specifically with kids in mind but is applicable for adults as well.

Vinci tablet


Built with toddlers and preschoolers in mind, the Vinci tablet features a tempered glass screen cover and soft-edged chassis. In addition, this tablet has no built-in Wi-Fi, which is seen as a bonus by many safety-conscious parents.



For kids and adults alike, the iPad is the most popular tablet on the market today. This tablet features countless games and learning apps along with kid’s books. It is not the cheapest tablet by any means, but its graphics and ability to accomplish almost any desired task has led to its popularity and success.

The tablets listed above represent the very best when it comes to kid’s tablets on the market today. They have a variety of features and differing purchase prices. However, each one of them is applicable for kids and some are specifically designed for them. If you are seeking kid friendly tablets for your kids, choosing one listed above is wise.

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